Sustainable Weight Loss 

for High-Achieving Women

Transform your body and mind with the R3 Method in under 60 minutes a day—no need for extreme diets or sacrificing your busy schedule. Discover a holistic, sustainable approach to weight loss tailored for busy, self-employed women and CEOs.

So, let yourself realize that you deserve more in your life and let's begin!
“I've worked with some of the top body & mind coaches around as a World-Class Athlete. I have never in my life been challenged & uplifted in this way before.” 
- T.J. 
WNBA player

Nealy 20 Years of Experience

Clients Trained

Featured on Dr. Phil & Wife Swap

Recognized for delivering fast, results

“No matter what I do, those stubborn pounds just won’t budge…”

Look, I get it.

You’ve done everything from juice cleanses to keto, and even tried skipping meals. You’ve spent hours meal prepping on Sundays, only to fall off the wagon by Wednesday.

Eating habits? Out of control.
You hit the snooze button three times before dragging yourself out of bed, and the idea of hitting the gym after a long day at work seems impossible.
Every day, the extra weight you carry brings constant discomfort, making even simple tasks feel like a chore.
You tell yourself it’s just one more burger, but before you know it, you’re on a first-name basis with the delivery guy.
And the stress— it’s constant, making you feel and look older than you should. The late-night stress eating while binge-watching Netflix has become a nightly ritual.

The fatigue is real, draining your energy and making it hard to get through the day, let alone muster the motivation for a workout.
You feel lost and unsure of what to do next…

Here’s the truth:

This isn’t just about losing weight.

There’s one crucial element that makes all the difference—your self-image. When you change how you see yourself, everything else follows.  

Think about the last time you looked in the mirror. Did you see someone who is strong, capable, and worthy of the body you desire? Or did you see someone who is constantly struggling, tired, and destined to fail?  

If deep down you believe that you are someone who can’t lose weight, this belief will sabotage your efforts, no matter how hard you try.   If you shift your perception, you open the door to real, lasting change. When you start to see yourself as someone who can succeed, your actions will follow.  

You’ll find it easier to stick to your workouts, make healthier food choices, and ultimately, lose the weight that has been holding you back.

That’s why I developed the R3 Method Mat System

The R3 Method Mat System isn’t just any weight loss program. It's designed to help you change how you see yourself, so your results last a lifetime. Each workout feels like it’s been custom-made just for you, and you’ll never get bored because you’ll never do the same routine twice.

How is this possible?
Because as a Synergistic Kinesiologist accessing a client's biofeedback, I discovered that they can actually ‘test’ which exercises their bodies want/need based on their personal desire. This electrical/muscular relationship is a natural part of the human system.

can do it! This is revolutionary!!!

Because you are using the muscle in your finger to spin the spinner & it will point to each exercise you need to do that day. There is NO Personal Trainer on earth that can know EXACTLY which fitness exercises you need like your very own body. You will tap into this biofeedback with each workout, giving you the ultimate custom training session.

What makes the R3 Method Mat System really fun are the game-like elements that make your workouts enjoyable and engaging. You’ll feel challenged and proud of your progress, just like having a trainer right there with you at home, guiding you through every session.

But it doesn't stop there.
The R3 Method helps you craft your days around healthy, holistic habits. You won't need to find extra time to implement these changes; instead, you'll seamlessly integrate them into your morning, afternoon, and evening routines. This way, you prioritize your health throughout the day without feeling overwhelmed.

Don’t Just Take My Word for It.

Here’s What My Clients Are Saying:

“I have been getting Synergistic Kinesiology with Muscle Testing from Joy 4X/yr for about 2 years. The sessions have put my energy & emotions back in balance quickly. I also never get sick anymore since muscle testing the right supplements for me. Lastly, I hit my business goals because of releasing my stored limiting beliefs. Knowing that I can tap into this modality to have the perfect daily workout for me is a game-changer!”
Lisa N.
I've lost 10 lbs in 10 days with the Triple S Detox. My family thought I would quit. After seeing & feeling results after the 3rd day, I knew I could finish it successfully & I DID! I love that a Monday Detox is apart of this method so that I can make detoxing a regular practice
Marie Stay at-home-mom

Who am I?

Hey There!

My name is JOY BROWN!

For nearly 20 years, I’ve trained over 3,000 clients through incredible transformations empowering them to become their best selves.

Here’s the thing about me: I get results, and I get them fast. In just a few weeks, you’ll see real, lasting changes. This isn't just about weight loss—my approach enhances your health, relationships, and career by focusing on the whole person.
As a Certified Sports Nutrition Coach and Certified Synergistic Kinesiologist, I combine science with practical strategies to deliver real results.

One of my key tools is muscle testing. By pushing a muscle in your arm, I can detect imbalances—emotional, physical, or nutritional. I now have given you the ability to determine the best exercises for your body by using your finger muscles to move the spinner & do the corresponding exercise of where the arrow stops. This approach ensures you’re doing exactly what your body needs.
Want accountability & guidance? I'm here to help you defeat mental blocks and achieve your fitness goals through my coaching program.

If you’re ready to change your self-image and your life, I’m here to make it happen!

Write your awesome label here.

Achieve Your Goals FAST

Achieve Your Goals FAST (Weeks, Not Months or Years)

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➔ No More Boring Workouts

Forget repetitive routines. Our mat introduces varied, dynamic exercises that keep you hooked and constantly pushing your limits. You’ll never do the same workout twice, making fitness fun and exciting.

➔ Watch Your Self-Image Evolve

Within weeks, notice the physical and mental transformation. You'll meet a new version of yourself in the mirror—stronger, leaner, and radiating confidence. Change how you see yourself, and everything else will follow.

➔ Stress Reduction That Works

After each session, you won’t just feel less stressed—you’ll be more focused and ready to tackle anything. Our exercises cut through the noise, helping you calm your mind as you strengthen your body.

➔ Supplement & Detox Smarter, Not Harder

We cut through the clutter to guide you on what supplements will genuinely enhance your progress. No guesswork, just targeted performance enhancer guidance & intermittent weekly detoxing to boost your results and maximize your efforts.

➔ Redefine Relaxation and Focus

After each workout, you won't just feel less stressed, you'll be energized and sharper. Our program strips away the mental clutter, empowering you to focus better than before.

With the R3 Method Mat System, you’ll achieve your goals fast and enjoy the journey along the way.

Why Choose the R3 Method Fitness Mat?

Experience benefits comparable to having a personal trainer

Our fitness mat offers customized workouts tailored to your fitness level and goals, ensuring you get the most out of every session.

Say goodbye to boring routines

With built-in game components, the R3 Method makes every workout exciting and keeps you motivated. 

Don't wait months to see changes

With our proven system, you'll achieve noticeable results in just weeks. Transform your body quickly and effectively.


Invest in Your Transformation
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R3 Method Fitness Mat + Supercharge Your Superhuman 8-Week Coaching Course

What's Included?
  •  R3 Method Fitness Mat: All the benefits of our innovative fitness mat system which includes: 8’X8’ Fitness Mat, Easy-to-read Key Card & Exercise Spinner
  • 8-wk Supercharge Your Superhuman Course: Transform via Universal Laws + Neuroscience + Holistic Food Combining/Eating Principles + Habit Loop Training.
  • 8-wk Group Phone Coaching: Online Group sessions with Joy Brown.
  • 20-Day Mindset Detox Challenge: A life-changing audio program to release old limiting thoughts, habits & mindset, while unveiling your New Self & Reality.
  • 4-Day Bloat-Be-Gone Detox Challenge: A simple and effective short-term detox. You will see a visible decrease in your waist size in just 4 days.
  • Neuro-Programming Videos: Brainwave entrainment is used to rewire your brain to feel good & thereby manifest good.
    4 minutes = to 4 hours of meditation.
  • 6-wk R3 MicroBootcamp Workout Videos: Our unique microbootcamp workouts are designed to train fast-twitch muscles & get your body prepared for the R3 Method Mat System.
  • Holistic Health Plan: R3 Diet Masterclass-A simple high plant-based diet + Proper Food Combining Lifestyle Diet that integrates seamlessly into your daily routine.
  • Supercharged Success Box Includes: Herbal Supplement pack, Bamboo Tea Tumbler, Supercharged Habit Tracker Bracelet, R3 Diet Book, Supercharge Your Superhuman Bracelet, Godversations Journal, Measurement Sheet & R3 Method T-Shirt.
  • Support and Accountability: Regular check-ins to keep you motivated and on track in our private online community.

R3 Method Fitness Mat

What's Included?
  •  R3 Method Fitness Mat: All the benefits of our innovative fitness mat system which includes: 8’X8’ Fitness Mat, Easy-to-read Key Card & Exercise Spinner

Limited Time Offer

We’re excited to launch the R3 Method Mat System, and to celebrate, we’re offering an exclusive discount to the first 77 people who sign up. This is your chance to transform your health and wellness at a special launch price!



             Don’t put this off until tomorrow. 
You’re just one step away from a healthier, happier you. Act now and start your journey to lasting transformation with the R3 Method Mat System.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the R3 Method Fitness Mat cost?

The R3 Method Fitness Mat costs $2,997.

What equipment do I need?

The R3 Method Fitness Mat system is all-inclusive. You won’t need any additional equipment. Everything you need for a complete workout is integrated into the mat.

How long are the workouts?

Most workouts are designed to be completed in under 27 minutes, making it easy to fit into your daily routine, no matter how busy you are.

I've tried similar programs in the past, why is this different?

The R3 Method goes beyond typical fitness programs by integrating fun and engaging game components, ensuring you stay motivated. Our customized workouts are tailored to your specific needs (for you by you)and our approach focuses on rapidly shifting your self-perception for lasting results. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s a personalized, dynamic system designed to transform your body and your life.


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